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17 February 2018

How to see your future in a more positive way

I've noticed a lot that when I think about my future that I start to worry about it. The big questions that are spinning in my mind are like; 'What do I want with my life', 'How can I find a job that gives me complete satisfaction', 'Will I be able to create something myself', etc.
I've always been a big dreamer and I also have a very specific visual mind, so why not just using all of this?

14 February 2018

My Favorite Netflix shows

Beside reading, writing, drawing and taking care of my plants, I watch a lot of series on Netflix. I'm an absolute binge-watcher a lot of times and I can really enjoy this. Here are some of my current favorite Netflix shows.

10 February 2018

My experience with Mental Health issues

This is probably the topic I've been trying to avoid for the longest time. This is something which has been very present in my life and we shouldn't be scared or ashamed to talk about this. I also wanted to write this to push my boundaries, to grow, and hopefully help some of you. Let's talk about my experience with mental health issues.

7 February 2018

Having the Friday-feeling every day of the week

There is something about Friday that makes everyone just a little happier. And I know, some of us have to work in the weekends (including me) but we still get that exciting feeling every Friday. But how awesome would it be to have this feeling throughout the whole week?! In this blogpost I'll explain some things which might help you to change the feeling you only have on a Friday, to the rest of the week. 

3 February 2018

Solving the core of your problems

Lately I've been figuring out a lot of things about myself. I've been questioning myself and my actions: why do I feel like I always have to defend myself, how can I get so triggered by people or situations, why do I react so bad sometimes, why do I feel like I always have to prove myself, etc.
I was always trying to solve the situation I've had each time, instead of looking deeper into the problem and solve the core of it.