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24 May 2018

Dealing with other people's opinions

Whether you like it or not, people will always have an opinion. The hardest part is to deal with it and how hard you'll let it affect you. It's still something which I'm struggling with today but I realize it now so I can work on it.

19 May 2018

How do I plan a productive day

I've started planning my days since I went to high school. There were so many tasks that needed to be done so I really had to create a structure for myself to become more organized. There are endless possibilities to plan, but I will talk about the methods that works best for me.

13 May 2018

Creating the best morning routine for yourself

When you've created a good morning routine which works best for you, getting up in the morning won't be that hard anymore. You'll start the day in a good way because your energy and productivity will get a huge boost.

7 May 2018

How to recognize happy people

Happiness can mean something different for everyone. In order to feel happy, you need to understand what happiness means for you. Today I wanted to talk about some small things which happy people are doing different.

2 May 2018

How to change your life

Changing your life takes a lot of time and effort. You'll need a lot of motivation and the willing to try. But in order to become successful, you'll need to change one thing; your mindset. The way you think is a very important part in your life because it effects everything, in a good or bad way.