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The Law of Attraction

The last few days/weeks I'm reading a lot about the Law of Attraction and it has been a true eye opener for me. I will try to explain what it is, what effect it has on you and how you can use this in your daily life. 
The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences in their life. So instead of focusing on the things you don't want to happen in your life, you shift your focus and you thing about the things that you do want to happen in your life.

The things that you are focusing on and where you put your attention to are the things that you are attracting more into your life. Your thoughts generate the actions that you take in your life. When you are focusing on the problems you will feel anxious, fearful or insecure. Sometimes you are worrying about something so much that the action will lead to that thing becoming true.
So the solution for everything is, since the Law of Attraction though…

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