22 April 2017

A walk in the forest

Every time I go to the forest, I feel so impressed by nature. Everything looks so special, so magical, and I feel so connected. Whilst wandering through the trees, I feel calm and I can think a lot. When I'm feeling negative I go for a walk in the forest, I clear my mind and try to find back my positive mindset.

Just being away for a few hours and being surrounded with the beautiful nature, a place where I can feel free. It is just you and the forest, just you and nature.

But sometimes you just have to focus a little more on what is happening around you, rather than what you are feeling. Observing the outside world can make you feel calm, especially when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. There are so many small and tiny but yet wonderful things out there, so many little treasures that can make you feel genuinely happy.

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