5 April 2017

About my study

Currently I am a florist in training. I have always loved flowers and plants since I was a little girl. They inspire me with their beautiful colours and different shapes. They are the small things in life that makes me feel genuinely happy.

First of all, I am not a full-time student. I follow my course by home schooling, so I have the possibility to work and study at the same time. That means that in the daytime I work and in the evening and weekend I study. It is really hard to combine so you really need discipline but if you have this I absolutely recommend this.

My dream is to have my own little flower shop where you cannot only buy some plants but also a place where you can drink some tea, have a nice talk and read some books. I want to create a happy place, somewhere you can feel comfortable. This is not only a dream for me but also my future goal in life and I will do anything to realise this.

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