19 April 2017

How to deal with negativity

Everyone will come across people in their lives who are very pessimistic towards us. People who puts us down, makes fun of how we dress, with our dreams or with what we do.

Charles Darwin
But how can people become negative? First of all, everyone who is surrounded by us when we are young (parents, family, friends,...). Those people have a huge impact on how we see the world and how we grow up. But also culture is very important, the country you were born in, the circumstances you were living in, etc.

It is very important to look outside of ourselves and see where that negativity is in our lives. The more I became aware of the negative people in my life, the more I realized the amount of energy it took away from me. If you allow them to be negative and to stay with them, you continue swallowing those negativity and it ruins your life and your dreams.

Once in a while, we all fall in the trap of negativity. It happens, but when you become aware of it, you can work on it. You make the choice to be something or to do something so you're just gonna get trough it. By switching that mindset, life will become so much easier.

The most people who are complaining doesn't want to fix their situation. You can choose to be positive or to stay negative. The thing is that being positive takes a lot of effort, energy and courage. We can't control the life of other people, the only power we have in life is the power on our attitude. All the negativity in the world can't bring you down, unless you allow it to.

Everyone wants to be around positive people, There is an amazing kind of energy you give of when you are positive. You focus on the solution rather than the problem and that is an amazing mindset to have.

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