12 April 2017

Let's talk about "Hygge"

Today I want to talk about Hygge. A few weeks ago this was an unknown subject for me, but I'm so happy that someone told me about this.

There is not really a good translation for the word Hygge. Hygge is more about certain moods and experiences, not about possessions. It is about being together with people you love. About being home, in a safety environment, where you can feel comfortable.

Hygge is originally from Denmark. Denmark is not the perfect country, there are also problems, but I
think that the Danish culture could be an inspiration for other countries who wants to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants. Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. The most important thing for Danish people is to be around family and friends, to feel calm and comfortable.

When I heard about this, I bought the book Hygge by Meik Wiking, and it it amazing. It is so well explained and so inspirational. The author explains the word but also tells you how to live or to be Hygge. When I've read the book, I felt happy and calm. I was relieved in a kind of way. It made me think of myself and made me appreciate the things and people I have. Nowadays, people are so attached to their possessions and always want more, they never feel truly statisfied. And yes, I like buying things, but my mindset turned while reading the book. I don't depend on the things I own, those are not the definition of happiness. I am looking at the little things in life and appreciate everything around me. 

I think everyone should read this and learn more about this subject. I truly believe that this can help so many people. People would be so much happier and grateful for what they have. It would be a nice world.

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