30 April 2017

The impact of Art

Art is being a big part of my life since four years ago. It helped me through rough times in my life, it
is a way for me to express my feelings. When I enter a museum, it's like going into another world. You see all these paintings, drawings, sculptures,.. and they have all their own story. Maybe you know the real story behind a painting, but you can also just make your own. You can use your imagination and create something new that will be original to you.

Every artist can give you a certain type of emotion when you look at his/her work. I can walk for hours in a museum and just watch every single work and analyse it. And when I leave, I feel so motivated and inspired. I want to create things myself, something for me, something that makes me feel good. When I feel this amount of energy, I go to an art shop and buy something even if it's just one pencil. The fact that I have a new kind of material enlarges my motivation even stronger because you buy something that can help you concede that thing you want to create.

And if you're not that arty person, just look through some books. Learn about artists, about all the different methods they use, about all their stories. You can see someone's life by seeing their work, and that is the most inspiring for me.

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