16 May 2017

How to overcome a bad day

  • If I feel really bad about myself, I make a list of some things that I do like about me. It helps to write it down and just make this little list because then you can actually see the positive things.
    This can be anything, from having nice hair to being a helpful person.
  • Talk to a friend or family, a person you really trust and someone who can understand you. Let go of all your feelings and thoughts, It does help to say all these things out loud.
  • Turn on some good and happy music. Listening to sad songs won't help you feel any better. Look for some good and happy songs where you can dance and sing along. Feel the happiness and positive energy in your body.
  • Eat your favorite food. Treat yourself and make a delicious meal, put some extra effort in creating something special.
  • Go outside and get some fresh air. Or just go and work in your garden, take care of your pretty plants, plant some new ones and enjoy the beautiful creatures of nature.
  • Read a book and enter another world. This is the beauty of books, You see the text but it's your imagination who will give an image to it.
  • Watch some series or movies and relax. Take some blankets and pillows, tea or coffee, put on candles to make it cosy and have a little snack. Put away your phone and just enjoy it.

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