22 May 2017


Thoughts, pictures, dreams, wishes, drawings, scribbles and memories. These are all bounded together in my notebooks.

Nature Journal
Since I was little, I've always loved having all different kinds of notebooks and journals. I've
collected so many things because my biggest fear was to forget moments or memories. I had all these boxes in my bedroom filled with papers, pictures, scribbles, cards, tickets,... And I used this to make hundreds of collages in my notebooks. Every page needed to be perfect, if it wasn't good enough I would throw it away. But when I grew older I became more specific in the things I collect. The items that I have right now are truly meaningful or just incredibly beautiful and precious.

I have a lot of notebooks, you really can't have enough. For example; a nature journal, a daily agenda, a plant notebook, a dream journal,... I know perfectly which one is for what. The most important thing about them for me is that they give me a kind of rest in my head, it makes me feel calm knowing that everything that is going on in my head has his own place. Every notebook or journal has a different story and a another memory. But when you see them all together, you see me.


  1. I collect journals and probably have 100s or more!

  2. WOW! you are a beautiful soul. My only fear more then death is to lose the memory of my memories. I too collect everything, but its all just kind of scattered around everywhere.

    1. You are such a sweet human being! stay collecting!