27 May 2017

Using creativity to express your feelings

"Draw what you feel". This was a question someone asked me when I couldn't express in words how I felt.

At first I had no idea what to do or where to start. The woman who asked me this said I'm able to use
everything she had in that room. I doubt for a while, but I just took a really deep breath and then I got this feeling that I had to let it go. I took some dark paint, a huge piece of paper and some brushes.

I felt overwhelmed when I started, I had this huge amount of energy that wanted to break free. I put some paint on my brush and started swiping on the paper. I let my feelings flow away through my hand into the brush and eventually on the paper. I tore the paper at some places to make holes in it. I wasn't thinking at all, I was in a kind of trance that only lasted for a few minutes and at a sudden moment it stopped. It was done, I let it go.

This story might sound really abstract, and it certainly was, but it made something clear. Personally I am a perfectionist, that's why I was hesitating at the beginning because I wanted to do it 'good' or 'pretty'. The point of this exercise is that the result doesn't really matter, it's mostly about the process whilst making it. This is something everyone can do, you don't have to be an arty person to use paint etc. You're working with colors, lines, your expression. It's all about you.

The action can say so much more than words. I felt so overwhelmed when I did this for the first time, relieved in a kind of way that I never experienced before. The work you make probably doesn't mean anything for someone else, it's important that you see yourself in it. It's a visual version of your thoughts, how you feel at that moment. It's your expression.


  1. Would surely try that. I had heard it once before but didn't pay much attention. But this read was very convincing:)

    1. Thank you so much! You should definitely try it!

  2. i love that it sounded so chaotic but so calming at the same time. The fact that you are a perfectionist, and wanted to be good or pretty. But the end result wasn't the focal point, but the process. Allowing you to be expressive. Allowing you to showcase, show, do, what you feel in the moment. In that time, no over thinking, no planning. I wish that in life we could be more like this, less rigid. More creative, more surprising, more doing things on a whim. Thank you for this