17 June 2017

Accept your body

This is a really important subject for me, something where I've worked a lot on and still working on. Accepting your body, accepting the way you look and how you are as a human being.

When I was in highschool I had acne and I was so embarrased about my skin, I hated the way I 'are you wearing mascara now? From that moment I thought that I couldn't wear any make-up because it's just not for me.
looked. People commenting about it and laughing with it didn't really help me, it only made me feel more insecure about myself. My friends always had a perfect skin and they could wear beautiful make-up. Some days I would experiment and try some little things like mascara, but there were always people who looked weird at me and said

I was so busy with how my skin looked, how my face looked and how others were seeing me that I lost myself in it. I wanted to look pretty, I wanted the perfect skin and a lot of friends who would've thought that I looked beautiful. But all these worries made me just unhappy.

All these years I've never really thought about it, I just accepted it. I would wear some make up to cover my acne but it had to stay as natural as possible. I'm watching make-up tutorials on youtube, people who love make-up and are experimenting with it. I'm so fascinated by it, but that was it, I didn't try something myself. I wasn't really thinking about it that it wasn't normal because I accepted it a long time ago. It was just now, a few weeks ago, that my boyfriend spoke to me about it and confronted me. It broke me, these feeling that I was hiding for so long. 

In the last few weeks/year I learned that we can't always control the outside, but we can always control the inside. You have to put some more effort in your inner beauty because that is what makes you look beautiful on the outside. There is nothing more attractive than a person who has a beautiful heart, has a warm energy and feel confident about who he/she is. 

Now I'm buying a lot of make-up and experiment with it, not because I think I'm not beautiful enough but because I just like it. And all the things people once told me that weren't pretty on me, I left behind. I start to feel more and more confident about myself, happier. You project how you feel on the inside,  and I look so much more happier now.

So please everyone, I know it sounds so cliché but it's the truth: Beauty is on the inside. Accept your body, your background, where you're coming from. You are you and you own you.


  1. I am overweight, something I struggled with all my life. But once I started to accept myself things started to change with my body as well. I am working on it, but I enjoy it. I believe that everyone is beautiful. Especially if they accept themselves. I have stretchmarks but they remind me of carrying my son :D You enjoy playing with make up. Be creative and enjoy the process :)

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I have a history of an eating disorder which I'm still working on. But everyday is a new day with new chances and possibilities. You have only one body and one life and you have to be proud of it!