24 June 2017

Anti-sadness list part II

  • Put up some notes in your house with your favorite quotes. Make them special by doing some nice handlettering or draw some illustrations with it. Everytime you see them, you will get motivated and happy.
  • Buy yourself a few little gifts. Little things as a notebook, pencils, beauty products,... These are small things that can make you feel happy.
  • Call someone to talk with, share your thoughts.
  • Clean your house. Because a clean house is a clean mind.
  • Go to a cafĂ© by your own. Take a good book or notebook with you and drink some coffee or tea.
  • Make some nice (healthy) food and be creative with it!
  • Write down your thoughts, feelings, problems, solutions,...
  • Take care of your plants.
  • Take some me-time. Relax, put on some cozy clothing, get a snack, take a lot of pillows and blankets and watch some series or a film.
  • Be with a friend, talk.
  • Plan something for in the future that you can look up for.
  • Be positive, send out positive vibes. They will come back to you.

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