9 June 2017

Having green in your house

I've always loved having plants and flowers in my house but I used to think that my house was too small to have a lot of them. The last few weeks I bought a lot of books about plants and interiors and it opened my eyes in a kind of way. They give tips about how you can use the space you have the best as possible and which plant is good for what kind of house (and what kind of person).

I've bought a lot of plants the last few days/weeks and I'm so happy. I've always loves my house, but now even more. The energy that comes out of this plants are amazing, it makes your home (and you) so much happier. 

I used to forget sometimes to give them water or to take care of them, but now I just plan it. Every Wednesday and Sunday are my "plant-take-care-days". On this moments I  give them the amount of water they need, clean them by taking the bad leaves out of it (this is really important because they give a bad energy to the good ones) and to just adore them. I take my time for doing this and it's so relaxing, I feel so calm. I even have a special notebook called "Jungle Book" to write everything about the plants I have, everything that I learn and observe. I write down their names, how I have to take care of them, how they are growing, what place in my house is the best for them to grow,.. together with some nice pictures and scribbles.
I also get a fresh bouquet of flowers every week to put on my table, just to give that extra sparkle and lovely smell to my house. 

I think that having plants in your house is a must. They make a kind of peace and happiness, it's a new life that you're bringing in, and they are good to clean the air of your house. And yes, some will die but that overcomes everyone. The more you are working with plants, the more you learn from them and the better you will be able to take care of them. 

My favorite books that give me the most inspiration and motivation:
- "Wonderplants" by Irene Schampaert and Judith Baehner.
- "Urban jungle, living and styling with plants" by Igor Josifovic and judith de Graaff.
- "Botanical style" by Selina Lake.

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