21 June 2017

Slow Living

I try to live my life as relaxing as possible, being flexible, having enough time to do everything I want and never feel stressed because I have so much to do. I want my life to be easy, so I can handle everything without going breathless. This doesn't work everyday, but I try to.

I want to live in patience. I do have a planner where I write down all my to-do's but I try to be flexible
so that if I have a bad day, I have the possibility to rest and when I veel good I can do some work that I normally planned for another day. I want to take my time when I get up in the morning before I go to work and get some tea and eat my breakfast. To do this, I just wake up an hour earlier, but it is definitely worth it. I want to have time during the day to read a chapter in my book, to write down some blog posts, to draw, to take care of my plants, etc.

Something that is really important to me to find rest is to get rid of the things or people who doesn't give my life more value or doesn't help me at all. So if there are people who doesn't affect me on a good way, I let them go. It maybe sound harsh but at the end of the day, you will be surrounded by the people who have the most positive impact on your life and who are supporting you. Before you can do everything, you'll need to clarify your goals and values for yourself.

And I know that not everyone has the ability to sleep long or rest every free moment of the day. The thing is to just try some things out and see what works best for you and what gives you the most rest and peace. There will always be something to stressed about but that can't be the majority of your life. Everyone has a different kind of structure in their life, but I do think that it is possible to make some things just a little bit easier for yourself.

Some tips:

  • Buy a planner or make a list and write everything down you need to do that week or month. This will give you a clearly overview and rest in your head.
  • Try to be flexible. Put a kind of rating on the things you need to do; first you do the thing that absolutely needs to be done that day and at last the things you have to do but it wouldn't be that bad if you wouldn't do it that specific day.
  • I also have a notebook where I just write down my thoughts. Sometimes when I lay in bed, I keep thinking about all kinds of things and it disturbed my sleep. You just write everything down that is coming through your mind and then you go to sleep, the next day you can read it and see what needs to happen. Having enough sleep is so important.
  • I'm also trying to eat healthy. I feel so much more energized when I eat some healthy food instead of junkfood. I do eat junkfood some days, but if you eat this everyday it might have an effect on you.

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