21 July 2017

Getting inspired and being an inspiration for others

There are so many things that inspire me; people, art, books, cities, interiors,...

When I look for inspiration to draw, I go to a museum, look through some books or go to an art shop. When I look for inspiration to write, I scroll through the internet or go outside for a walk. The list can go on. I get inspired by so many different things and I love it. You can always find something somewhere. 

But I also like to be an inspiration for others. When people comment on my blog posts that they enjoyed reading it and that it motivates or help them, I get so incredibly happy. It feels so good to have a voice and to mean something to someone. Even if it is for a few people or just one, it makes my day knowing that someone on this planet got inspired or motivated by me.

There are so many things that can trigger you in a positive way, that motivates you. When you search for something on the internet you'll find thousands of things. You can read blogs, watch YouTube, looking at pictures on Pinterest or Tumblr,.. I never get bored. People often say that those Perfect pictures trigger them or makes them feel bad in a kind of way, but I don't look at it like that. I love making collages with pictures that I find, making mood boards or inspiration boards. They make me feel happy and extra motivated.

There is also a different between getting inspired and copy something. For example: you can see someone's drawing on Pinterest or Tumblr, it's your choice to copy that drawing or to use it as a source. When I was younger and started drawing I did copy drawings but that was just to learn, and I think that this is not a problem because it is part of a learning process. It becomes a problem when you want to use someone's drawing as your own design. So when you put something on the internet, make sure to mark them! 

You can learn certain methods or structures to make art, you can learn how to do your make-up from YouTube, you can learn to combine colors in your interior from Pinterest,..

I think that everyone can learn from each other. That everyone can get inspired from anyone and also be an inspiration for others, and that is a beautiful thing.

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