15 July 2017

How to make someone's day

You are able to make someone's day a whole lot lovelier, without putting a lot of effort or money in it. Here are some tips:

Compliment someone
This is just one of the easiest ways to make someone's day a little better. You can compliment people on something on the outside like their clothes, hair,.. But you can also go a little deeper and more personal and that os what I prefer the most. It takes a few seconds to give a compliment to someone, but it stays with that person forever. 

Send a 'just because' card
Something that I absolutely love is sending out a hand written card and surprise someone. It is something personal and so lovely to get. I like to buy pretty cards when I see some in the store and when I find some time, I sit down and write some things on it and send it to the people I love. 

Who doesn't love flowers?! They are pure happiness in your house. I adore giving flowers to people and put a little card with it to make it extra special. This is something that you can never do wrong with!

Encourage people
When you go to a store or restaurant and you had an amazing service, how hard is it to go to the manager and tell them about the good experience you had with their employee? It will make the manager happy and you can have an impact on the mood and career of the employee!

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