5 July 2017

Lovely cafés

This year i really fell in love with cafés. I've been kind of stuck in my house the past year, the only thing I did was working or just being home. I love being in my house and just relax but after a while I did wanted something else, another environment.

This year I started this blog and a few other projects where I just need my laptop, notebooks and some other stationary. I don't have an office area because I live in a very small house so there is no space for creating one. I work everywhere in my house, mostly just on the couch, but I noticed that I got distracted so fast and my inspiration got lost. I needed a kind of working space, something that I don't associate with chilling or relaxing. Since my house is too small to create such a place, I had to find something else. Nowadays a lot of people work in cafés, where they aren't captured between four walls and where they are surrounded by other people. The thing is also that when I'm home, I'm tending to just hang around in my comfy clothing and don't really have the feeling that I'm doing some actual work. So when I go outside to cafés I dress up like I'm going to work and this motivates me. In most of the cities or towns you have a nice café where you can go to, nowadays there is wifi everywhere. I just take my laptop and other essentials with me so I can do everything that needs to be done that day, and it works incredibly well.

I think the huge difference is not only the place but also the mindset I have now. I do see it as going to my real job. I know that this is not my fulltime job but I want it to be so instead of just dreaming like I'm a fulltime blogger or writer, I just live the life I want mine to be. This comes along with the Law of Attraction where I already wrote an article about. I live my dream like it has already came out, because I can control te mindset I have.
Maybe you are in the same situation as mine and don't know what to do. My tip is to just try some things out; try to go look for another location to work from, create an office area in your house, search for the reason why something isn't working out. But I do think that the mindset is the most important, because this is what controls you. I've been reading a lot from other bloggers that these are great options and worth trying it. I'm so happy that I made the decision and took effort to change something because my days are now so much more productive and I can go to bed with a satisfied feeling.

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