9 August 2017

Exploring new places

Wandering, travelling, exploring. It's a gift if you are able to see new places on this beautiful earth. We often forget how much beauty the world has, people are nowadays so busy that they forget to look around.

I live in Bruges, a small city in Belgium. It's a place with a lot of history, beautiful buildings, houses and little spots. Because I'm so 'used' to Bruges, because I've been living here my whole life, I forget to see that beauty. The only thing I see are the too many tourists walking on the street, the too many people who are irritating be by jumping in front of my bike or walking too slow. I'm so busy focusing on these things that I forget to enjoy the place where I live. 

I believe that going to other places or countries can change your mindset a lot. When I was around thirteen years old I went to Belarus, far away from touristic places. The people there had so much less then I have, but yet they were so happy and were smiling so much. They didn't had a lot of money at all but that wasn't the most important thing in life for them, they cared about the people who were surrounding them. The connection that they have with their family and friends is so beautiful. By seeing the whole town there knowing and helping each other made me realize that I don't even know my own neighbours here.
Three years ago I went to Norway for a month with my boyfriend because he had a job over there. It was by far the most beautiful adventure I've been on. We had to take three planes, a boat and a car to get to the place where we were staying. We were staying in Gamvik, nearby Hammerfest, surrounded by the mountains and the see. This was the first time that I actually saw the world's real nature. Since then I have a big love for Scandinavia and I definitely want to see more of it!

Nowadays there are so many possibilities to travel. There is basically an option for everyone of every age and budget. I think it's important to travel because the world isn't only the things you see in the news or in the internet. Every country has his own beauty, his own history, his own culture and his own beautiful spots and it would be a shame if you wouldn't see this. 

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