16 August 2017

Happy colours

The last few weeks I've been looking where my mood has an impact on and how it affects me. What happens when my mental state changes? I discovered that my preference for colours depends on my mood. 

When I was in a bad mental state, I wore black all the time. My mother asked me about it but I told her that I just liked it and never really thought further about it. And at that time I was really convinced that I just loved it. Now that I feel a whole lot better I notice my love for colours again. I adore wearing yellow-tones, green-tones, patterns (mostly stripes),.. And it genuinely makes me feel good. It's not that when I do wear black that I automatically feel bad because I do like wearing black but there is just a difference with when I would wear it all the time. 

I don't only have this with my clothing, I also see a difference when I'm working in my journal or notebooks. When I'm not feeling well, I keep things really basic. But when I feel good and happy I use all kinds of materials and colours. I recently started a Bullet Journal and it feels so good. I've been using all kinds of washi-tape, stickers, prints,.. I enjoy working and looking in my journal. It makes me want to be creative and productive.

Now that I know this, I try to pay attention to it. When I'm in a bad mood, I do take my journal or start working with craft materials and put on some colourful clothing.This is a small thing, but I do see a difference when I force myself to do this. I notice that I can think a little brighter and that I'm more focusing on a solution rather than just thinking about the problem.

This is not something that everyone has, I'm aware of that, but maybe you recognize yourself in this. When you can identify yourself in this, maybe you should try to force yourself to do some things and see what works for you.

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