14 August 2017

How to deal with anxiety

I often feel really anxious and overwhelmed by my emotions. Here are some tips which I use to calm me down in these situations.

Focus on your breath
Make sure you inhale and exhale slowly deeply. When You do this, it will calm you down a whole lot immediately.

Use your senses
Concentrate on your senses. Focus on the wind that is going through your hair, focus on the smell of grass,...

Talk to someone you trust, someone you're close with. Make it cozy and have a nice conversation. It doesn't have to be about what made you feel overwhelmed or anxious, it can just go about other things that makes you feel good and which helps to distract you.

Finding out the reason why
When I feel like this, I try to find the reason why I feel that way. Sometimes there is none but when you know the reason, it can help you to reduce it. When you did all the previous things, you will feel a whole lot calmer and you'll be able to think properly.

Do something you like
After you did everything, you have to relax. Don't keep busy with it or the feelings will return. Do some things that makes you feel comfortable and calm. Watch a movie or series, drink tea, make art, read a book, go outside for a walk, meet some friends,...


  1. I frequently have anxiety attacks and deep breathing helps me a lot and talking to someone. Great post!

  2. Omg, these tips are so amazing!! I have major anxiety, so these will be super helpful! Thank you!! <3