26 August 2017

My experiences with sports

Recently I started to sport again after a few years. When I was younger I've done athletics and a few years horse riding, until I had to stop because I had too many problems with pain in my back. 

I've had a period in my life, Which wasn't so long ago, where I wasn't able to do any sports because of my health condition. My intentions weren't good and I could lost myself in doing sports. I wanted too much and I wasn't thinking about having fun, only about losing weight. I remember being in my bedroom when nobody's around and doing sit-ups until I was exhausted. It wasn't something I wanted to do, but something I had to do. After a long period I had to stop this, because my body was in a bad condition.  
It has been two years now since I did anything from sports, because I was afraid of losing myself again. Friends have been asking me to join them to the fitness and I wanted to but there was something holding me back, something that told me that I wasn't ready for it.

After delaying a few times, I decided to go to the fitness with a friend of mine. We went for about an hour and a half and it actually felt good. There wasn't any pressure, we've talked a lot whilst doing some cardio and I actually had fun. I decided now to do this once a week. 

doing sports doesn't have to be about losing weight, it can be fun.


  1. That's awesome! I've been the same way but I am finally picking up my healthy journey and exercising when I can!

    1. That's really good! as long as it feels ok!

  2. Well done for taking the control back.

  3. Awesome post! Knowing your limits is so important, great job <3