20 August 2017

Spending time on your own

Last weekend I was alone for a few days. My boyfriend was away with his friends and I had to take care of a house and animals of a friend of my parents. This house was located on the 'outside' of the city so there was a lot of nature and meadows etc. 

Whilst being there, I realized that it was a good thing to be away for a few days, to spend some time on my own. I've had the time to think clearly and relaxed a lot. Taking long showers, putting on a face mask, taking care of my nails and hair, etc. There was no pressure and it had been a long time sinds I felt so calm. 

After these days I noticed that I need more days like this. I don't specifically need to leave my house, but I have to make more time for myself. To do things that I can do on my own without any pressure and without worrying.

I can advise everyone to make time for these kind of days. I felt so motivated afterwards and I wanted to be productive again. It's a good thing to take a step away from your daily life and just relax.

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