18 September 2017

How to boost your confidence

Treat yourself
Put on some nice make-up, fix your nails, buy some new clothes, do your hair. These are some small things that can really boost your self-image and mood. 

Set small goals
The most common mistake that people make is to try to tale a giant leap, fail and feel discouraged. When you set multiple goals and achieve it, you'll feel good. After a few small successes, you'll be confident enough to try to set bigger goals.

Get out of your comfort zone
This is something I often try to do. I try to face my fears and to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Your confidence will gain from every experience.

Help someone
Ask a friend, family or stranger if there is anything you can do to help them. This is something that will make you feel good and grateful.

Celebrate your achievements and give yourself credit for it. Don't be afraid to feel good about it.

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