12 September 2017

How to stay inspired

There are moments where I have an overload of inspiration, but there are also times where I just can't find it. I can't remember how many times I've been staring at my computer, head scratching, hopeless looking at blank paper,.. Everyone has experienced this at least once. There are some little tricks I use when I'm in this situation and I hope that these could help some of you. 

Take a step back and remember why you are doing something. Why are you spending your time into this? What will this bring to you? What are your expectations of it?

Go outside
Sometimes you just need to go outside and wander around without any purpose. It can help to clear your mind and bring back the creativity.

Go offline
We are living in a world full of technology and it can be hard to let our creative minds wander around without any influence. Take a (little) break from social media, turn off he TV and put your computer away. Be with yourself and focus on what you want and how you want it without any affection. 

No pressure
Try to not push yourself into a creative corner. The hardest part for me is to escape the pressure of creating under expectation. You can make mistakes and you have to allow yourself to make them. Don't feel limited, do what you think you need to do and it doesn't matter in what way that will be.

Take notes
When I have those moments where I feel really inspired, I try to take a lot of notes. I write down what inspired me, what gave me that feeling. It can be anything; a word, a sentence, a book, a song, a place,.. Save it for the moments where you feel uninspired.

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