6 September 2017

Living for yourself

Whilst growing up, people have all kinds of expectations of you. People will affect you on a certain kind of way, positively and negatively. I want to tell you how important it is to live for yourself.
When I say living for yourself I mean that you do whatever YOU want, not what other people want. Just doing the things you absolutely love he most and where you get happiness from. 

When I thought about this subject, it all sounded so logic. But I've had a really hard time to actually apply it in my real life. You have to be comfortable to speak about anything you want and you have to be able to express your feelings and thoughts. You have to be comfortable to dress how you want and not to care about other people's opinions. You have to be able to choose the people you want to hang out with, people who inspire you and motivates you. 

When I think about living for yourself, I also think about trying out new things, exploring all the possibilities you have in life. You can get stuck into negative vibes so easily, worrying about other people's thoughts and not believing in yourself. We're always trying to 'fit in', but I've experienced that this doesn't make me feel happy.

There are some ways to truly live for ourselves: 

  • Say what you think or feel. This is one of the hardest but also the most important one in my opinion. After a long time, I'm finally able doing this and believe me that life does get easier. 
  • Go find hobbies or a passion which makes you feel truly happy. You have to find something where you want to get out of bed for everyday.
  • Let go of your expectations. I've realized that I can have an idea or a little plan but I also have to let things happen. If you know what you want in your life and you work for it, life will create itself. 
  • When you did all these previous things, you will also find out who your true friends are. People who will support you and will hold on you no matter what. Pursue these friendships. 

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