25 October 2017

How to plan a productive week

Make monthly goals 
Make a list of goals you want to achieve each month. It will give you an overview of the things you want and it gives you the possibility to plan them.

Make a list
Make a list with tasks for each goal. This will be a kind of plan to fulfill every goal.

Plan your tasks
Separate your month into weeks and plan in the tasks you need to do. The easiest way to do this is with a planner, so you can write down everything you need to do from Monday till Sunday. Try to make it realistic. It's better to do some small things each day, which you will absolutely be able to achieve, than to over-plan yourself. 

There's always a chance that something came into your way and you weren't able to finish the task you planned. That's not a problem, just make sure to reschedule it to the following week.

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