8 October 2017

Thoughts on regret

It has been a very busy week for me. A week filled with change, emotions, excitement and a little bit of anxiety. 

Lately I started thinking about regrets and I was wondering about the things that I regret in life etc, there were a lot of things that came into my mind. 

Do I regret not being a student anymore? Do I regret my job choice? Would I have wanted something else? - Yes and no. The thing I learned is that there was a reason behind every choice I made, and it isn't always a good or bad one. I learned from the things I didn't want, just as much as I learned from the things I do want. When I made a decision that turned out as a bad one, it pushed me further to find  something I did want and to get somewhere I do want to be.

It's actually not worth the energy to think about "what if". These kind of questions will not help you. You made a decision which you did because you thought that would be the best option or the right thing to do at that time. Now, you'll have to go on from there. 

I try to forget my regrets. All the regrets I carry, whether they are massive or tiny, I don't mind them. You have to move forward in life, deal with the things that makes you feel regretful. Learn from it, rather than playing the same thoughts over and over again. 

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