22 November 2017

Finding your happy place

I found out that I'm someone who's living way too much in the future than in the present. I'm constantly thinking about moving to another place, The things I'm going to buy to decorate it, how much better it would be and how much more happier I will feel. 

The house where my boyfriend and I are living in right now for the past year and a half is getting too small and we're planning to move out in a few months. It's something very excited and we're both looking out for it. We absolutely need more space (and a dog). 

The thing that is wrong right now is my reasoning. I found out this week that I'm someone who connects being happy to being in the perfect place and having the perfect things around me, but that's not what happiness is about. Finding your happy place is somewhere you can be yourself, where you can be productive and creative. The thing is that I am all of this right now, in the house I'm living in at this moment. 

The thing I learned now is that I can make my happy place wherever I'm at. The only thing I need is to be able to work on the things that are making me happy and motivated, and to be around people whom I love the most.

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