12 November 2017

Taking care of yourself

I've been very conscious these last few days/weeks about myself and how I feel physically and mentally. What are the things that are making me feel good? How do I want to see myself? How can I be the best version of myself?.. A lot of questions with multiple answers.

I've always been very insecure about my body and how others see me, which led to bad decisions in the past. Now I know what my (healthy) options are to have a better feeling about myself. I noticed lately that there are actually four things to do to make me feel good about myself: eating healthy, do some sports, taking care of my body and being productive. There were some phases I've been through these last few months that I want to share with you guys and maybe you recognize yourself in it. 

There are a lot of times where I absolutely don't feel like cooking some (healthy) meals, and instead I just order some food. I notice that when I eat a lot of fast food, I actually feel so bad that I just want to lay in bed and watch some Netflix instead of being productive. So when I do eat healthy I immediately recognize the huge difference: I feel energized, motivated, positive,..

I think that doing some sports is also a very important part of how you feel. I do have a membership at the gym but most of the time I absolutely don't feel like going, but when I do go I feel so fulfilled afterwards. Now I try to force myself to go at least once a week and think about the positivity that comes afterwards.

Lately I've also started to be very aware of taking care of my body. Making sure that my skin stays hydrated, testing all kinds of skin care products, doing my make-up everyday and experiment with it,.. Because when I do all these things, I know that my body is healthy and that I also look like that on the outside. These are things which helps gaining my confidence.

And last but definitely not least: being productive. There is nothing that makes me feel more bad about myself that laying in my bed at night and knowing that I haven't done anything during the whole day. This has been improved a lot since I started a Bullet journal in August. It absolutely helps me to force myself to do something, to make me useful. Being productive helps you to get further in your life, to reach goals and to be proud of yourself.

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