16 November 2017

Things to do in autumn

Go to cafes
How lovely is it after a nice walk outside to go to a cosy cafe and order some tea or coffee along with a piece of cake?

Spend time outdoors
Autumn is by far my absolute favorite season of the year. When the leaves are falling, when the forests are magical, when you can wear big sweaters and scarves,.. 

I absolute love being home snuggling under a lot of blankets and pillows, a nice cup of tea and read some good books. Escaping from the 'real' world, being in another world and falling in love with words and stories.

Since autumn has his bad rainy days and you're forced to be inside, you can use this to bake some delicious cake etc. The time flies and you'll have something nice to look forward to.

Be creative
Autumn days are inspiring me, are motivating me. Being surrounded by my plants, candles, tea and cookies. Especially at night, I feel the urge to draw and to create something.

I think writing is my absolute escape from the world and maybe even myself. I feel like it heals me, what makes my head a little les messier. Seeing my thoughts projected on my computer or in a notebook gives me some space to think and overthink. 

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