6 January 2018

Books to read

Get your sh*it together
By Sarah knight
I've read her first book (The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A f**k) which was an absolute bestseller that made us think about our life, analyze our life and actions, and let us grow and laugh.
In her first book she showed the joys of 'mental cleaning'. In Get your sh*t together she explains how you can organize the things you want in your life, how to actually get your life together, she gives advice on how to quit your day job and do something you absolutely love (and how to save money along the way). It's about finding a balance between life and work, how to save enough money to enjoy your life and to work on/for/by yourself.

The sun and her flowers
By Rupi Kaur
This was actually the first poetry book I've read and it made me fell in love with it and it also made me buy her first bestselling book Milk&Honey. It's a Beautiful collection of poems about life, loss and love. There are also many illustrations which were made by Rupi herself. It's a perfect book to read in the early morning or late evening along with a cup of tea and whilst being curled up under blankets.

Into the wild
By Jon Krakauer
This has been my absolute favorite books for the last few years, and probably everyone knows what it is about. A book about Christopher McCandless, a young man from a wealthy family who hitchhiked to Alaska and wandered alone in the wildernis. He gave away all of his savings to charity, abandoned most of his possessions and created a new life for himself. Four months later, his body was found by a van. An absolutely beautiful written book about the beauty and attraction of nature, the danger and struggles who came along with it.

Hygge - The Danish way to live well
By Meik Wiking
About a year ago I've heard for the first time about Hygge. I became so curious that I bought this book. I remember reading this book for the first time and constantly nodding because I totally agreed with everything I was reading. The book explains what Hygge is and how you can apply this to your life. It's a beautiful illustrated book, but most of all it's to inspiring and motivating.

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