20 February 2018

About letting go

I wanted to talk about this because I've recently found out that this is such an important subject. It has been necessary for me to let people or situations go in order to live my life in a positive way. Since I'm trying to focus on the positive things in my life, I came across some things that aren't so positive as I thought they were. Soon, I came to a conclusion that if you want to be able to pursue your dreams you'll have to let go of some people or situations.

It's never easy to 'remove' people out of your live, but you'll have to if their impact is big in a very negative way. Even if it's a very good friend or even family, if they don't add something positive to your life it's better to let go of them. 
There were many times where I got a bad feeling whilst talking and meeting up with some friends, a feeling that told me that something wasn't right. You don't always have to agree with each other, but it's very hard to not get frustrated when you feel that someone is having a very different kind of view on life than you're having. There were a lot of moments where I saw that people were lying to themselves. For example; where they were saying that they are so positive and that they're feeling so motivated, whilst in real life they are constantly complaining about everything in their life. They absolutely believe themselves, which can be frustrated if you actually know them.
I've noticed that when I was meeting up with those people, it toke so much energy away from me in a very bad way. Lately I've been putting a lot of positive energy into the goals I want to achieve in my life. But when you talk to people who requires so much energy, you're slowing down yourself. If you are truly honest with yourself, you'll know that you don't really need those kind of people in your life and that you're basically better off without them. 

You don't only have to let go of some people but also of some situations. I can't count the amount of times I had been in a situation and then kept thinking and being angry about it for hours or even days later. It's so useless to put so much effort in something, where you actually just have to put it into perspective and then just let it go. If you're having a situation, try to analyse it and see how important it really is. 

I'm still struggling myself on how to find a good way to let some people go. I think that the most important thing in these situations is to stay honest to yourself. Know what you want, and what you absolutely don't want, in your life and stay true to that. 

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