14 February 2018

My Favorite Netflix shows

Beside reading, writing, drawing and taking care of my plants, I watch a lot of series on Netflix. I'm an absolute binge-watcher a lot of times and I can really enjoy this. Here are some of my current favorite Netflix shows.

Gilmore Girls
I can definitely say that this series is by far my absolute favorite one, I probably watched all the episodes four times now and it stays so good. It is just so easy to watch and I always feel so cozy watching it whilst wearing my comfy clothes, having some tea and eating some snacks. The thing is that it's pretty real, or at least it can be, which means that you can relate to a lot of situations that are happening. 

Prison Break
I loved watching this series and I binge watched every single episode! I do have to admit that the first season was the best one in my opinion. It is just so nerve wracking, you can't just stop watching it. After every episode you just can't wait to see what happens in the next one, and that is what I like so much about it.

I'm actually a big fan of fantasy films and series, so if I had to choose one series in this genre it would be Grimm. It's a completely different world and you just get dragged into the story of it. The thing that fascinates me is that you never know what will happen, what creature will come next. A little escapism from the real world. 

I probably watched almost every crime series on Netflix. I just love the tension in it. Watching new crimes, new mysteries, new characters,.. I like watching these kinds of series because yes there is a kind of storyline in it but still, you are able to watch a random episode if you want to. Every episode is about a new crime that happened so every time it's something different and that keeps me watching. 

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