27 February 2018

Reasons why we need to talk about mental health

About two weeks ago, I've shared my experience with mental health issues. Now I wanted to talk about some reasons why we need to talk about mental health.

First of all, and this might sound very cliché, nobody's perfect. Keep in mind that every single one of us has their own kind of issues. Social media has a big influence these kind of days on the way we see our own lives. A lot of times you see perfect pictures who are creating false illusions. People start to compare their lives to an Instagram account for example, which isn't even realistic. You can have the most perfect feed on a social media platform and thousands of followers, but that doesn't mean that your life is perfect. Embrace your imperfections. Celebrate your successes, celebrate the times when you picked yourself up and moved on, celebrate every little achieving you've made.

We all need to feel like we're worth it, that our lives matter. It's so important that everyone feels comfortable enough to express their feelings and thoughts. We often think that it doesn't matter to talk about our problems, that we don't want to harass people with it or that they don't really care about it. Let me tell you this; there is always somebody who will listen to you. Clear your mind and your thoughts, talk about it or write about it, there's no right or wrong.

A very important reason why we need to talk about our problems is that we can't keep wearing a mask for the rest of our lives. I've been hiding my feelings and thoughts to everyone for over two and a half years. Even when there were people who suspected something, I laughed it away. But you'll have to know that you can't keep doing this for the rest of your life, it's so not worth it. You have to be able to be yourself in front of everyone and it doesn't matter if you feel good or not. From the moment you put down that mask you've created for yourself, you'll expose yourself and your problems to the outside world and people will be able to help you and find a solution for your problems.

We all have the ability to change our mindset. When you're having mental health issues, you probably aren't looking very positive to life in general. You're living in a vicious circle of negativity, and it is possible to break that circle. Surround yourself with people who are positive, people who are motivational and inspirational. Surround yourself with things you love; art, books, plants, stationery, etc. And believe me that it is absolutely not easy to come out of the bubble you've created for yourself, it will take a lot of hard work and you'll have to push your boundaries. Everything is possible if you accept the help from others, if you express your feelings and thoughts and if you want something to change.

And last but definitely not least, it's not a shame. I remember feeling so ashamed of going inpatient, nobody could know that I had a problem and that I needed help. But going inpatient opened up my eyes, it showed me that I wasn't the only one with issues. I learned that it's good to talk and that it's okay to express what's going on in our mind. It is not a shame to feel bad about yourself, it's not a shame to have problems, it's not a shame to talk about it. 

The hardest thing with mental health issues is probably to admit that you have them. Admitting that  you have a problem, is the first step to find a solution. 

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