3 March 2018

My reading history

Today I wanted to talk about my reading history. If you know me, you would know that I love books and that I already have a decent collection (which was very remarkable whilst moving out). I wasn't always that interested in books, it literally grew within the years.

Since I was little, I've always been surrounded with books. My mom has always been a big reader so there were always books or strips in our house. My brother and I always got our bedtime stories when we were little, those were mostly from books like; Nijntje, Musti and Tiny. I can still remember those books and I think my parents still have them.

When I was six years old I started to learn how to read and write. But at that age and years later I preferred being creative instead of reading books. I started finding interest in books at the age of eight  years old when I got to know the books of Geronimo Stilton, because those where truly fascinating because they used all kinds of smells in it. When I started horse riding, I started reading the books of Heartland which I absolutely adored. The following years I haven't read that much, I was always busy with other things and I always found drawing etc more interesting.

When I was fifteen years old I changed schools. I went from a 'normal' high school to an art school. Being in an art school stimulated my interest for books, art books in particular. The first art book I've ever bought was a big one from Vincent van Gogh, and I remember being so happy with it. Since then my collection grew very fast, I often went in my lunchbreak to the bookstore with a friend and most of the time I bought at least one book. I also got to know the internet, Amazon, where I could find so many books I wanted. When we were on schooltrips to London or Berlin I also bought a lot of books, I told myself that those were extra special because I bought them at a museum from another country. My book collection now exists out of sixty percent of art books I think. 
In my last year of art school I had to make a big final project where nature was the theme I used. In that year I got a lot of books which were related to nature and art. 

About three years ago, when I was eighteen years old, I started to read more 'normal' books (not only art books or nature books). The books that I read were very different; romans, fiction, non-fiction,.. My favorite book at that time was Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.
I also started to read English books, the first English book I've read was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, which I absolutely loved. Around that time I also started reading Harry Potter (which was actually very late since I literally grew up with those films), the first book will always be my favorite and most nostalgic one. 

At this time, I'm very into books who are inspiring and motivating me. Books like; #Girlboss From Sophia Amoruso, all the books from Sarah Knight, Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba, etc. Those books have such a big impact on me and they stimulate me to achieve my goals. 
I also fell in love with poetry since reading the books from Rupi Kaur. First I got The sun and her flowers which is absolutely beautiful written, afterwards I bought Milk and Honey.

Maybe a fun fact to know is that I always buy my books, I haven't been in the library since I was fifteen. The reason for that is because I used to go a lot to the library for school etc, but I always felt so rushed because I'm not a fast reader and you can only have a book from the library for a limited time. Another reason is because I love having books in my house (Yes, I'm the person who buys a book for its cover). Books create a certain atmosphere, it makes my house more like a home. 

I think my interest of genres will change in the upcoming years, but there will always be some kind of books in my life. 

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