18 April 2018

Tiny Houses

It was about a year ago when I heard for the first time about the concept of tiny houses. I followed the Youtube channel 'Living Big In A Tiny House', and I immediately fell in love with this concept. After watching probably every video and reading about it, I know that this is something I would love to have for myself in a few years. 

What is a tiny house?
The tiny house concept is originally from The United States. A tiny house is a house build to live a more simple and cheaper life with more freedom and time for fun things. It's less focused on consuming and more focused to reduce your ecological footprint. When people are designing and building a tiny house, they ensure that every space is organized in a smart way.

Research shows that people who are having less are the happiest. People who want to live in a tiny house can't escape the declutter phase. The amount of things that fits in a normal house, will not fit in a tiny house. Most of the people who are living in a tiny house are also having a minimalistic lifestyle. They are also more attentive when they buy something new. 

There are so many possibilities to design your own tiny house. You can use a design that already exists or you make your own. Search for inspiration online, on Youtube, in books, etc. Write down all the things you absolutely want in your tiny house, and the things you absolutely don't want. You will end up with your perfect tiny house.

The future 
A big advantage of living in a tiny house is that it's very affordable. More and more people are opting for experiences instead of possessions. They rather spend their money to travel, festivals, etc instead of buying an expensive car or a bigger house. Nowadays you'll need a lot of money in order to buy a house, which is not possible for everyone. This concept gives a lot of people the opportunity to own their own house, and I think that this might become very popular in the future. 

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