7 May 2018

How to recognize happy people

Happiness can mean something different for everyone. In order to feel happy, you need to understand what happiness means for you. Today I wanted to talk about some small things which happy people are doing different.

They believe in themselves 
Probably everyone has that little voice inside their head who tells you that you aren't good enough or that you're not able to achieve things. Instead of listening to this voice, you need to tell yourself that you can do anything if you really want it and if you work hard to achieve it. Repeat this as much as needed. Don't give this any attention, recognize it as your insecurity and go on.

They are inspired
They have a source of inspiration to start the day and hold on to that throughout the day. What motivates you? Podcasts, books, video's, quotes,.. Find your inspiration and use it every day or whenever you need it.

They let things go
We all have our struggles in life, but you can't let these hold you back from achieving your goals. It's how you deal with these situations which will decide the outcome. You have the opportunity to choose if you let something get to you and distract you or to let it go, to learn from it and then move on.

They help other people
Helping someone is probably the easiest way to boost your happiness. You've felt valuable, you've made an impact (even for small things). And always remember that these things will come back to you.

They are positive
They look at their lives in a positive way. They handle situations with an open mindset and they think in solutions.

They have dreams and goals 
They know exactly what they want in their life and they will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They're not waiting until something happens, they create the life they want for themselves. Live in the moment, do the things you really want and experience happiness.

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